5" Fontanini® Noah, Boy Carrying Buckets
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Fontanini 5 inch scale Noah, Boy Carrying buckets Figure 52562. Figure includes story card and gift box. Polymer.


The Story card as created by Roman Inc and entered by our own Carol Baldini...

The story of



Noah’s sandals kicked up dust in the dry stream bed. Cool water flowed here just a few months ago, and the dry tress and grass contrasted starkly with usually lush landscape. Noah tended flock with his brother since childhood, and they endured the hardship of dry spells before. As he walked towards Bethlehem, Noah thanked God for the survival of the new lambs in their flock. Other shepherds had been so fortunate.


Inside the city gates, Noah joined a long line of people waiting at the well, the only year-round source of water in the area. The son of Bethlehem’s innkeeper stood in front of Noah, holding a small leather bucket.


“So my good friend sends you on water runs now that you are a big boy, Jacob,” Noah stated with a grin.


“Yes, Noah. The animals in our stable drink more water than we could ever hope to draw,” sighed the young boy.


“Has your father taught you about the true source of sustenance that quenches all thirst?” asked Noah.


Brightening up a bit, the boy replied, “My father says we have God to thank for this deep well of water, and also the source of life that never runs dry!”


“Your father is a wise man. Thaddeus and I have visited this well for as long as I can remember. Even in hard times, God is good to us.”


Noah returned to the flock with brimming buckets. The sheep surrounded him, bleating and pushing for a taste of the cool liquid. Noah spoke soothingly to them as his brother emptied the water into the leather trough. Their family’s livelihood depended on keeping the sheep well fed, so the two brothers decided to head east in search of suitable pastures. The young men prayed for wisdom and started off, using their staffs to gently but firmly guide any animal that tried to stray.


They walked all day in search of a green pasture. Late that afternoon, the shepherds and their flock rounded a bend, and a plentiful meadow greeted their weary eyes. Noah and his brother thanked God as the sheep spread out to graze. As the afternoon darkened into evening, they discussed the story of the star that led shepherds to the Messiah in Bethlehem. Pondering the miracle of that holy night, Noah and his brother humbly thanked God for His faithfulness, for leading them to this much-needed pasture, and for the promise brought by the Messiah.


Hard-working Noah makes a trip to the village for water to sustain his flock. Faithfull and God-fearing young men, Noah and his brother depend on God to lead them to green pastures.

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  • Manufacturer: House Of Fontanini - Italy

5" Fontanini® Noah, Boy Carrying Buckets

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