Aiya "the bird" Memorial Angel Fontanini®
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Item # - 54041. Full Description - 5" AIYA, MEMORIAL ANGEL FIGURINE by FONTANINI. Division - FONTANINI. Materials - POLYMER. Dimensions - 5" SCALE. Story Card: With a name meaning bird in Hebrew, Aiya is the memorial angel. Her story began with a young woman living in Bethlehem. The young woman has grown up listening to her mother tell stories of prophets and the Savior that was to come. Now as an adult the woman could appreciate the gift of faith that her mother had given. That faith had provided comfort when her mother passed away but the woman was certain she would always miss her mother's presence. When Jesus was born, the woman was among the first to visit the stable. Day after day, the woman returned but her heart was deeply conflicted. There was the joy that the Savior brought but sadness swirled around her as her thoughts returned again and again to her mother... Aiya is charged with comforting and grieving. Whenever a loved one passes, she is there for those left behind reminding them in many little ways that love lives on forever.

  • Item #: 54041.8
  • Manufacturer: House Of Fontanini - Italy

Aiya "the bird" Memorial Angel Fontanini®

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