Amos the Carpenter.  Fontanini® 5" Collection
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Amos the Carpenter 52566. Figure includes story card and gift box. Polymer.

The story of



“Use everything wisely,” his father taught. Amos’ work was a testament to that philosophy The carpenter was known for his intelligence and good humor as much as his strength


Amos prayed that one day Herschel, his son, would inherit the Bethlehem carpenter’s shop and do greater things than he. Herschel was 15 and apprenticed to Amos. The boy couldn’t have had a better teacher. Occasionally a villager asked Amos to cut usable pieces of wood from a fallen tree. More often his task was to repair a broken ox yoke or mend a table. Wood was scarce in Bethlehem and places close by, so it was important to use every piece with care.


Amos praised God for the enjoyment he felt when working with wood. He could fashion a sturdy door of imported pine boards using a square, plane, saws, chisels, and wooden mallet. He was equally adept at creating objects of olive wood.


Known for its fruit, the olive tree was a poor source of wood for general carpentry. However, small pieces could be worked carefully into a spice box or toy.


Neighborhood children loved to visit the shop. Amos struck a deal with them: Clean the shop floor, and any wood scraps they found were theirs. They gladly agreed, and often got a lesson in woodworking besides. No matter what, the children always got a warm reception and the feeling that they were special.


One day a young boy and girl entered the shop full of wonder and excitement. “Why are so many people at the stable behind the inn?” they asked. Herschel told them that a baby boy had been born, and people wanted to see him.


“Can we see him too?” “Yes, let’s see him!” The words tumbled from the children’s mouths.


“We ought to bring a gift to honor the child,” said Amos. “Let’s make him a gift with our own hands.”


Immediately, everyone began looking for scraps and piling them on the worktable. With eyes gleaming Amos chose three pieces from the pile.


“It’s the makings of a toy rattle!” declared Amos, pointing to the odd shaped pieces he had chosen.


“A toy?” the children questioned. Skillfully, Amos used the bow drill and made a hole through each piece. Next, Herschel and the children each took one piece and following Amos’ instructions smoothed the wood against stones. A leather fragment was cut for a string to thread the pieces together. The leather was knotted, and they looked with pride on their gift,. “One piece is a ball,” said the boy “The next one spins like a wheel!” exclaimed the girl. “The last one reminds me a ripe fig,” laughed Herschel. “Shake them together and they become a rattle!” The children burst into laughter as they took turns trying out the new toy. “I’m proud of you for the fine work you’ve done,” Amos beamed,. “After all, who would have thought this wonderful toy came from scraps on the floor!” Smiling broadly, they left to present their gift to the newborn child.

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Amos the Carpenter. Fontanini® 5" Collection

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