Ava and Lea, Innkeepers Daughters Fontanini®
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Ava and Lea, Innkeepers Daughters Fontanini®.

Item # 72685. Full Description 5" AVA and LEA FIG FONTANINI W/FRUIT BASKETS. Theme FONT 5" FIGURES. Division FONTANINI. Materials POLYMER. Dimensions 5" SCALE.


The Story created by Roman and entered by our own Carol Baldini:

The story of



At the time of the Roman census over 2000 years ago, droves of pilgrims returned to their hometown to be counted. The influx was so dramatic, the family who ran the Bethlehem inn found themselves having to bed, feed and shelter twice the number of guests they normally hosted.


To help with the crowd, the innkeeper’s entire family was recruited to work; including their youngest children, Lea and Ava. The pair felt very adult to be given such responsibility, but they reverted to curious children when they heard someone way their father had agreed to lodge a couple in the inn’s stable.


“I want to see who doesn’t mind sleeping with cows,” Lea insisted, so when night fell, they went to investigate. Adventurous Ava lead the way, sure her footsteps couldn’t be heard until a bearded man stopped her in her tracks. “We…were just…We’ll be in so much trouble,” she pleaded. “Our house rule is ‘Never bother guests.”


The man smiled and beckoned the pair. “Would you like to see Him?” They nodded though they had no clue what they had been invited to see. When they reached the object of his attention, they were shocked to find a baby napping in their animal feeder.


“Where did he come from?” Ava asked. “They said there were just two of you out here.” “He was born last night,” Joseph answered. “Do my parents know?” Joseph laughed. “We were in a rush when we arrived. You’re welcome to tell them.”


“I will!” Ava said excitedly as she ran from the stable. “Mama, you won’t believe what we just saw!” Ava babbled, her hands gesturing and her voice rising and falling with the tumble of words. Lea just nodded her head in agreement she couldn’t get in a single word!


Their mother listened attentively ‘till Ava finally stopped. “It’s late and we’ll need your help with breakfast girls. To bed, Now!” she added, escorting them to their quarters.


Obediently, they opened the door and closed it behind them. Neither heard their mother laugh, “”Those girls! Where did they get such vivid imaginations? A baby, indeed.”

  • Item #: 72685.8
  • Manufacturer: House Of Fontanini - Italy

Ava and Lea, Innkeepers Daughters Fontanini®

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