Ephraim for 5" Collection Fontanini®
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54033. Full Description 5" EPHRAIM FIG LAYS ON HAY. Division FONTANINI. Materials POLYMER. Dimensions 5" SCALE.

The story as created by Roman Inc and typed by our own Carol Baldini:

The story of



Ephraim stretched out on the grass, contemplating the sky. Though only 17, he was a self-proclaimed start expert, and spent much of his young life watching the heavens. Even a tiny boy, he made up names and delightful stories about the clusters of stars he saw each night. Each was fanciful, evoking a beautiful picture in his mind of dancing images in a black night filled with a brilliant array of multi-colored lights and shapes.


Ephraim loved to share his sky tales with everyone. He told stories to the neighbors but they were not interested. He tried his parents, but even they thought it very eccentric to name stars and compose stories about them. They regarded Ephraim as a sweet, unreliable dreamer and rarely was asked him to do more than tend the flock closest to the family home.


On one cold winter evening, the boy slipped out of the house to enjoy “his” stars before going to sleep. Staring up at the lights scattered across the blue-black heaven, the glorious landscape captured his imagination. Soon, he fell asleep on the hard ground without even a cloak to cover his body


Ephraim didn’t know whether he’d been asleep hours or moments when he was awakened by comforting warmth. Assuming it to be the morning sun, he stretched and opened his eyes only to be confronted by a magnificent star hanging right over his head! Beams of light lit up the land for miles around and he jumped up in a state of fright. His fear did not last long, for the star’s golden glow soothed Ephraim’s spirit. He quickly gave thanks for the phenomenon, just as he had given thanks for every other magical gift his eyes had witnessed. He lay down again to watch the star, lulled back to sleep by its pulsing light.


As dawn approached, Ephraim awoke to the real morning. Hearing sounds of activity in his house, he suddenly remembered the glory of the star and was eager to tell his family.


“I awoke last night to the most wondrous spectacle!” he shouted, startling his parents with his tone and manner. “A star big as the sky, appeared before me…a true miracle.”


“Ah yes. A most wonderful star,” his father nodded solemnly, shaking his head as he did each time the boy told a tale. “Let me guess. This one fell to earth and was made of solid gold. Ephraim, you must stop telling these stories or the neighbors will think all of us are crazy.”


Having heard this reply to his discoveries so many times in the past, the boy didn’t argue. Instead, he smiled.


Then, he tucked his latest treasure into the deepest reaches of his heart and marveled, one more time, at having been chosen from among so many to witness a miracle.

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  • Manufacturer: House Of Fontanini - Italy

Ephraim for 5" Collection Fontanini®

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