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Ethan w/animals. 5" Fontanini Scale 52524.


His Srory Card According To The House of Fontanini and Typed By Our Own Carol Baldini:

The story of



Ethan came from a family of shepherds whose flock included both sheep and goats. From the time he was born he loved animals and they loved him. The family dog, Ezri, was Ethan’s constant companion and best friend. Together with Ethan’s father and brothers they minded the flock. Ethan loved the meek and gentle nature of the sheep, but the goats were Ethan’s favorite charges. Caring for them held the potential for adventure. The goats were much more spirited than the sheep and much like Ethan they loved a good climb. The sheep preferred the flat meadows, but the goats were more independent and tended to scramble up the rocky hillside. With a name meaning “y help”, Ezri provided invaluable assistance to Ethan. The pair kept the goats together and away from harm. Other than Ezri, the only other help Ethan relied up in his care of the flock was his trusty wooden cart. He sometimes used it to bring the baby sheep and goats that had wandered off back to the flock. At shearing time, Ethan collected in the cart the wool clipped from the sheep by his father and older brothers. At other times, he would give Ezri a ride in the cart just for fun.


When evening came it was time to gather the sheep and goats with his father, his brothers, and often other shepherds. They would watch the animals through the night. Like all good shepherds, Ethan knew each of his charges by name. Late one evening while watching the goats he realized that Terach, the smallest and the youngest of the goats had wandered from the flock. With a name meaning “wild goat” Terach typified the animal’s adventurous spirit. His size and age did not matter to Terach, and Ethan knew in his heart that to find Terach he would need to head toward the highest hill. He left his charges with his father and brothers, took Ezri and began searching. On his way, he found Terach. In the darkness the animal had gotten caught in the brush and his struggles to get free only served to further his entanglement. When Terach saw Ethan his eyes showed how happy he was to have been found by the good shepherd. To prevent the goat from wandering off again, Ethan carried him back to the flock on his shoulders.


Just as Ethan reached the encampment, a brilliant light appeared in the sky. Before Ethan could utter a sound more lights filled the sky. A beautiful voice said, Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city of David, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”


Then, Ethan, his father, his brothers and all the other shepherds listened in amazement as the angels told them of the holy child born in Bethlehem. They said the child had come to save God’s people from their sins. As the skies darkened and the angels disappeared, the shepherds gathered their belongings. They were going to see for themselves the Newborn King and Ethan knew this journey would be the adventure of a lifetime.


Luke 2:10-11

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Ethan for 5" Scale Fontanini®

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