Fontanini® St Joseph (Home Sell Kit)
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Fontanini Home Sell Kit 45047. This kit includes the Italian Made statue, a matching gift box, and detailed instructions to follow. Because St Joseph is the patron saint of the Home, nuns originally used the statues for buying convent property. Today, these kits are used throughout the world in aiding in real estate transactions. Plant St. Joseph in the home you are trying to sell and see if it works. The instructions and traditions goes into further details. People swear by this and it is a great added tool for a tough retail market. For Believers Only! To make your selection, choose your options from the drop down menu. 4.5" Tall

  • Item #: 45047.8
  • Manufacturer: House Of Fontanini - Italy

Fontanini® St Joseph (Home Sell Kit)

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