Gloria Angel - Fontanini® 7.5" Collection
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7.5 Inch Fontanini Gloria Angel 72817. Figure includes Gift Box. Polymer.

The story of



     No figures in the
Bible are as delightful as angels. They are wise in God’s ways and gentle in
their speech and actions.  Angels burst
upon events with a joy and understanding of man that brings us closer to God
every day.  Perhaps this happens because
only angels are given special jobs by God that require them to associate with
men and women on Earth.             


     Angels bring a
touch of the divine to all those hearing their messages, and they’re given
responsibility for making all of the world’s greatest announcements.  This is the story of such an announcement.


     Nearly two
thousand years ago in the Holy Land, a decree was issued by the Emperor of
Rome.  All citizens were told to return
to the home of their ancestors for a census. 
Among those returning to Bethlehem were a poor carpenter named Joseph
and his pregnant wife Mary.  The two
traveled all the way to Bethlehem from a great distance with nothing more than
a donkey to carry their belongings.


     Although they did
not know it at the time, God gave a small group of angels a special assignment
to watch over this couple.  These angels
were pretty new, and still learning “angels ways.”  But they took their jobs very seriously.  Guiding the young couple over rugged terrain
at the beginning of a cold winter, the angels did what they could to prepare
the way.  But even their best efforts
were of no avail when it came to finding shelter for the two in the crowded
town.  They sang sweetly and used their
collective efforts on behalf of Mary and Joseph but in the end, the couple was
forced to occupy makeshift lodgings in the stable of a Bethlehem inn.


     As the night’s
stillness settled over the land, an exciting moment came to pass inside the
inn’s stable.  The angels assigned to
care for Mary and Joseph flew closer to earth than ever before to observe the
miracle.  The fastest of the group swept
over the little stable, catching sight of a newborn child through the stable’s
shabby, patched roof.  And in an instant,
the angels’ mission became clear: The little band had been chosen by God to
herald the news of the Messiah’s birth!


     With great
excitement and joy, the lead angel of the little band broke into a glorious
song that flowed out into the cobalt heavens and wrapped around the
clouds.  It was a song of thanksgiving
for all mankind to share.


     And their melody
was heard to all the ends of the earth.

  • Item #: 72817.8
  • Manufacturer: House Of Fontanini - Italy

Gloria Angel - Fontanini® 7.5" Collection

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