Hirah the Glassblower (5" Scale) Fontanini®
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Hirah was Bethlehem's Glass Blwer.  He had learned the trade from his father, and the pair had toiled together until the elder had passed away.  Although he missed his father, Hirah was comforted by his crat and his memories.

The techniques for making glass were already ancient by the time Hirah learned them.  His father had instructed him in crafting small vessels used for cosmetics perfumes and medicines.  These were created by wrapping glass strings around a clay core until it was covered with a solid glass layer.  Once cooled, the clay was removed to finish the container.  Hirah's family's creations were more than functional, they were also extrordinarily beautiful.  Although he practiced tirelessly, Hirah always felt that the beauty of his father's creations was far superior to any that he could produce.

Since his father's death, Hirah had met a traveler who was well-acquainted with glass-making.  A Phoenician who had left his family's business, this traveler funded his journey by working for glass-makers.  When he came to Bethlehem, Hirah welcomed him warmly.  The traveler's methods were somewhat familiar to Hirah but in some ways entirely foreign.  The traveler would begin by melting sand in a fire.  Once it had melted the traveler collected the liquid glass at the end of a long hollow etal tube.  The glass was then rolled on a flat stone and shaped into a rounded form.  After blowing through the pipe to inflate a small glass bubble the traveler would then further shape it using the flat stone and other tools.  Then the glass was inflated to its full size, the blowpipe removed and the neck and mouth of the vessel finished.  Finally the item would undergo the slow process of gradually cooling.  Hirah was enchanted by this process and once again found himself in the role of student.   Eventually the traveler moved on but Hirah knew what he had learned would always be with him.  In time Hirah's practiced hands and passion for the new technique yielded artistry Hirah new even the traveler would have admired.

One day, Hirah was on his way to his workshop when a neighbor had told him a story of shepherds seeing angels and of a Savior in Behlehem's stable.  Hirah was amazed.  He never imagined he would witness what the prophets foretold.  The neighbor was bringing a gift to the Newborn King.  Hirah knew he too would bring gift; but since this was no ordinary baby, his present could be no ordinary gift.  Hirah continued to his workshop thinking about all he had heard of the family in the stable and of his own father.  When he arrived, Hirah felt like his father was somehow with him in the workshop.  Typically when Hirah worked he would concentrate entirely on the glass but this time he found himself thinking more about his father and all he wished he could share.  As he finished his creation and looked at it, he was surprised to discover that it looked similar to his father's work, but also very much like the best of all that Hirah was capable.  It was a perfect gift, one his father would be proud of.

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Hirah the Glassblower (5" Scale) Fontanini®

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