Jabin, Falcon Trainer for the Fontanini 12" Collection
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Jabin, Falcon Trainer for the Fontanini 12" Collection.

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Jabin was a falconer -- a hunter who used trained birds in pursuit of game. Each adult male in Jabin’s family had a falcon that was his own; and Jabin could easily recall the day Aliya was captured and training began.
The pair was inseparable and training progressed quickly. Before long it was time for free-flight hunting. This was when falconers learned whether their efforts would be successful. With each hunt, the falcon had the choice of returning to its master or returning to the wild. If training was sufficient and falcon and falconer bonded, the bird would return and allow itself to be reclaimed. If it was not, the bird would be gone forever. After seeing a few of his uncles lose birds they thought were theirs, Jabin was fearful; but that feeling was quickly replaced with pride and delight. Aliya’s first hunt was a success; and hunt after hunt Jabin and Aliya worked together as one. 

Not long after that first outing, Jabin and his family were again
hunting. It was the time of the Census and the family was selling game to hungry
travelers. As sunset was approaching, Jabin and his family called for their
birds to return. Usually within moments all the birds quickly found their
falconers. This time none had returned and the hunters began searching. As dusk
turned to night, the birds could not be found. Jabin feared the worst. Had they
been captured by other falconers? Had they found themselves unable to escape brambles?
Or worse had they been mistaken for game to be eaten? The family did not give
up; into the night they walked the countryside looking and listening for the birds’
familiar cry. They walked for hours and then--as suddenly as their birds had vanished--a
star appeared that was more brilliant than any they had ever seen. Their search
drew them closer to where the star’s light touched the earth. As they walked
they realized that others had joined them – not to look for the birds but to
follow the star. Before long they had reached the Inn’s stable. This was far
from Jabin’s home and there was no reason that the falcons might be inside; but
somehow Jabin’s family felt compelled to be there. Inside they found a newborn
baby wrapped in the heavenly glow of the star. Shepherds were there as well.
They spoke of heavenly messengers, a
choir of angels and news of the Savior born in Bethlehem. Jabin and his
family could hardly believe their ears; but standing in the presence of this
Holy Family they knew in their hearts that it was true. It was awhile before
Jabin thoughts returned to Aliya or any of the lost falcons. But the moment
Aliya entered his mind, she gently and quietly landed upon his shoulder. As she
did, Jabin’s father, uncles and brothers all looked to the stable’s rafters and
each was reunited with his falcon. Then they knew that their falcons were never
really lost at all. They had only gone before them to be among the first to
welcome the Newborn King.


  • Item #: 52920-2017
  • Manufacturer: House Of Fontanini - Italy

Jabin, Falcon Trainer for the Fontanini 12" Collection

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