John The Farmer - 5" Scale Fontanini®
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John The Farmer - 5" Scale Fontanini®





It was four hours after sunrise and the day was starting to heat up.  John was glad his headcovering protected his neck and eyes from the rays of the sun.  Its length           had the added benefit of preventing bitsd of stalk and grain from sticking to his sweaty skin.  He hoisted another sheaf on his should and headed for the wagon.

All around him John could see other workers rolling the cut wheat into manageable piles and tying them together with sstrips of stalk.  Women worked alongside men, and a dark-haired girl on the western edge of the field caught John's eye.   Reaching the laden wagon, John's was the las sheaf tossed onto the mound.  The driver cracked his whip over the oxen's backs and set off for the threshing floor, where the kernels would be separated from the stalks.

John walked back to the west end of the field.  From here one had a good view of Bethlehem, with the whitewashed buildings shinining brightly in the sun.  "Hannah, let me give you a hand with that."  He joined a light girl struggling to tie a sheaf together.  "See, you've got too much in here-take some out.  Now you can do it!"

"Thank you, John-I'll have to remember that.  I always want to make the sheaves as large as possible to save you fellows some trips."  "That is kind of you," John paused to mop her face with a corner of his headcovering.  "With all that is left to do, any time saved is much appreciated."  "How many more days work do you think we'll have?"  "At least three or four.  We lost a lot of time to the rain.  And speaking of water-Boy!  Over here!"  John motioned for Hannah to drink first from the water boy's ladle.  The cool liquid was a refreshing contrast to the warm air.  "Pentecost will soon be here," Hannah commented, picking some straw out of her hair.  "It's one of my favorite festivals-the music, the dancing-" "mine, too," nodded John.  "It's good to thank God for the hrvest and all He has proviced for us."  He cleared his throat

"I wondered, Hannah, if your family would like to travel with my family to Jerusalem for the festival?  We have a donkey for your mother to ride; it would be more comfortable for her."  "Why John, how nice of you to offere."

A tall man strode up "There's no time for chit-chat in my fields," OIbediah informed them.  "Let's get these sheaved together and off the wet ground-we need every bit of grain for census time.  Back to work!"

"Yes sir," said John, and he bent to lift another sheaf.  "I will talk to my father," called Hannah over her shoulder as Obediah moved on...  "I will let you know tomorrow."  "Giid!  I will look for you then."  John's load felt light as he walked to the waiting wagon.

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John The Farmer - 5" Scale Fontanini®

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