Josiah for the 5" Scale Fontanini®
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Josiah for the 5" Scale Fontanini®



"Sometimes, I wish we had named you The Inventor," Josiah's mother often told her second son after he had fashioned some new object and brought it to her for approval.  She loved this boy very much, but was often afraid that his sstrange ideas would land him in trouble as he grew to manhood.

Josiah's creations were many!  He figured out how to fashion the clay tablets young boys used for schooling in half the time they normally took by using less water and drying them on rooftops.  He was the first in the village to apply the idea of large, underground grain storage jars to his family compound, and soon, Josiah had requests from many families in the village to place these jars into their yards.  His popularity might have been happily enjoyed  by both Josiah and his family were it not for the fact that all of these ideas were getting in the way of his upbringing!

Young Josiah was training to be a tax collector.  It was the job his father held, and eldest boys were expected to follow along in their father's professions.  And to add to his confusion, Josiah also loved music..sometimes more than anything else.  So his spare time was spent perfect "the ideal instrument."  Needless to say, his days and nights were filled from sunup to sundown.  And he enjoyed all of it.

One evening, with his father's tax rounds behind him and no request for help with neighboring silo construction to hamper him, Josiah took out his favorite pipe and began to play.  The bladder of a recently slaughtered sheep lay drying on the floor of the compound, and it suddenly dawned on him that the skin was just what he needed to complete his project.

He knew he should check with his mother, but the evening was so mild and his desire to make this new instrument was so urgent, that he simply appropriated the bladder, and with sinew and bone, he laced up the insturment and installed the two wood pepes. 

The night shone brightly over the courtyard as Josiah completed the insturment.  As he was about to try it for the very first time, a wonderful bright star burst into the night sky from nowhere.  The star seemed a brilliant miracle, appearing just as his quest to complete the perfect musical instrument was accomplished.

As if to salute the star, Josiah took a very deep breath and pushed life into the instrument.  It sang loudly and sweetly into the air on that spectacular night.




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  • Manufacturer: House Of Fontanini - Italy

Josiah for the 5" Scale Fontanini®

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