Moriah  Lady with Figs - Fontanini® 5" Collection
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Moriah Lady With Figs 54006 - Fontanini 5" Collection. She is beautifully detailed with her baskets full of figs. Don't forget to order a Fig Table and Fig Tree (or two!). Polymer. Story Box and Gift Card.


Thank you to the House of Fontanini and Typer Carol Baldini for sharing this information of The story of



For generations since their arrival in the Holy Land, Moriah’s family had grown figs. They built their home with a center courtyard in which stood the fig tree that started their now substantial family orchard. They were experts at cultivation and it was widely known in Bethlehem that their figs were by far the most delicious. During biblical times, the fig was a staple. It was eaten fresh and used as a seasoning in certain dishes. Perfectly ripened figs would herald the arrival of summer and would be enjoyed straight from the tree. Figs that were not eaten fresh were dried so that they could be enjoyed long after harvest time had passed.


The most recent summer had been very difficult for Moriah’s family. Their trees had barely produced enough figs for the family to eat, very few were available to dry and even fewer were on hand to sell. Despite their wealth of experience, they couldn’t figure out what had happened and had no idea what they needed to do to ensure the next harvest would be better. Moriah would often sit by the tree in the courtyard and wonder what she could do to make everything better. With a name meaning “God is my teacher,” Moriah took comfort in knowing that everything happens for a reason and that she would learn something valuable from this hardship. Moriah’s father was less accepting of the situation. He worried constantly and was especially upset at a time when the Census was bringing in throngs of people to Bethlehem who could have purchased his figs, he had none to sell.


That night before going to bed, Moriah saw a brilliant star in the sky. It was one she had never seen before and she hoped that it might be a sign that things were going to get better. The next day she went to the well for water where she met Elisabeth, the Innkeeper’s wife. Elisabeth told Moriah that the shepherds had seen angels announcing the Savior had been born, and had been led to the Baby Jesus in the stable behind the Inn. Moriah could hardly believe her ears and she knew that she must go and see the child. She raced home and found her family gathered there considering what to do about the orchard. Moriah shared the news she had heard and insisted the family would go to see this Newborn King. Moriah’s father was doubtful. When Moriah was adamant that the family should also bring a gift and suggested that it should be the last of the family’s dried figs her father could hardly believe his ears; but he could see the faith in his daughter’s eyes.


Moriah’s convictions touched her father’s heart and he agreed that the family should bring the last of their dried figs to the stable. So Moriah gathered the figs in a basket and she and her family brought them to the Baby Jesus as their gift. The whole family was filled with a joy that they had never known as they returned home. Somehow their worries about the orchard had disappeared when they looked into the eyes of the Baby Jesus. The next morning Moriah woke early and went to the courtyard before anyone else was up. Tears of joy filled her eyes as she ga gazed upon the family’s beloved fig tree now filled with blossoms. She could not believe what had happened and raced to the orchard. There she discovered that those trees were also filled with blossoms. Moriah’s father had been rewarded and she raced home to share the good news with her family.

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  • Manufacturer: House Of Fontanini - Italy

Moriah Lady with Figs - Fontanini® 5" Collection

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