Nahome the Shepherdess - Fontanini® 5"
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Nahome the Shepherdess. Fontanini 5" Scale 57520. Figure includes story card and gift box. Polymer.

The Story as created by Roman and typed by pur own Carol Baldini"



Nahome, her husband Timothy, and their sons Micah and Silas were a family of shepherds. While Timothy and Micah care for the sheep, Nahome kept a lovely home for her family, worked with wool and cared for young Silas. Homemaking in biblical Bethlehem was demanding work, but tending to her home and family filled Nahome’s heart with joy. One of her many duties was to provide her family with clothing. This process began with wool from sheep.


At the end of the summer and again at the end of the winter, the sheep were washed and sheared. Nahome would begin her work by washing the wool. Several washings with lye soap in a local stream were required to remove the dirt and natural oils in the fibers. Once it was clean, Nahome would comb it to remove the matting, spin it into thread, and then weave it into cloth. After years of practice, Nahome had become an accomplished spinner and weaver. Of all the cloth and clothing Nahome had made, the piece that her most joy was a blanket she made just before Micah was born. She had kept it and wrapped Silas in the same blanket when he was born. Now with her boys growing up, the blanket served as a reminder of the babies Nahome that once held in her arm.


It was only a few short weeks ago that Nahome had helped her husband Timothy prepare for his journey to Bethlehem. Roman authorities had ordered a census that required Timothy to return to his hometown. She had bundled food into a cloth, and as Timothy was about to leave, Nahome thought of the cold and tucked her prized blanket into his sack.


Timothy had returned from Bethlehem with fantastic stories to tell. On his travels he had met a man, Joseph and his wife, Mary, who were also journeying to Bethlehem. Seeing Mary was about to have a baby, Timothy was moved with compassion and gave Nahome’s treasured blanket. Later, Timothy heard the news that the Savior had been born and rushed to the stable to see this Newborn King. There he found the Baby Jesus. Awestruck and divinely inspired, Timothy was eager to share this news with his family and rushed home. He shared the story of the Messiah’s birth and insisted that his family return with him to Bethlehem to see for themselves the Baby Jesus. There the family stood before the manger with their gifts of a young lamb; but that the moment Nahome gazed upon the newborn, her heart leapt with joy when she had discovered that she had already given Him another gift; the blanket in which Baby Jesus was wrapped was the same blanket that had held her own sons.

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  • Manufacturer: House Of Fontanini - Italy

Nahome the Shepherdess - Fontanini® 5"

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