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The Story of RAPHAEL




            Though it was night, the star was too bright to allow sleep…even if the kings could
have stilled their hearts. Each was anxious to set off into the darkness, for
the star delivered news that the Messiah had, at last, been born. Traveling by
night, their separate journeys continued until the Magi met at a crossroads.
They greeted each other like long-lost brothers, overcoming language
difficulties with warmth and good will. On that night, three camps became one.
The kings vowed to travel together in God’s care until their mission, seeing
the Holy One, had been accomplished.


            Servants of the kings, happy to see their masters overjoyed, were fearful at the same
time. Danger lurked everywhere. Bandits and thieves were commonplace, and the
kings carried precious cargo…gifts for the Child…as they entered a world of
fearless marauders, familiar with every inch of land and every hiding place!


            Unfortunately,everyone’s worst fear came to pass: A band of thieves circled the encampment.
Quietly, they helped themselves to the jewels, gold, frankincense and myrrh
packed into saddle bags. They would have made off with the treasures had a loud
ram’s horn not sounded, shattering the silence. Men sprang from their tents,
weapons in hand, to behold a mighty angel, standing in mid-camp, golden wings
glowing in the sunlight. “I am Raphael,” he proclaimed.


            The bandits cried out, dropped their spoils, and raced for surrounding hills as
fast as the craggy ground would permit. Raphael shouted as they fled: “God sent
me to make sure these pilgrims travel to Bethlehem under His protection!”
Again, he blew his shofar as if to warn the running thieves they had better
keep going and not return.


            The three kings started to kneel before the angel, but Raphael would not permit it.
“It is I who should be kneeling before you,” he said graciously. “You risk
everything to obey your hearts…to travel so far to worship and adore the new
Savior.” Raphael turned slightly to address everyone in the camp. “You have not
known of my presence until this time, but I have been with you since you came
together at the crossroads. Travel in peace as you continue your holy journey!”
Raphael smiled as he lifted his shofar one final time to pay tribute to the
Magi and their mission. “I will not leave you until you reach the Newborn


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Rapheal The Archangel Fontanini®

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