Salome, Woman Servant for 5" Fontanini®
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Salome, Woman Servant for 5" Fontanini®



A servant in the home of Merari, Salome considered herself very fortunate to work for such a kind and generous family. She had come to Merari’s home after her own family’s crops failed repeatedly. By working for Merari, Salome received food and housing in exchange for her labor. She was an accomplished baker and that was her job at Merari’s house. 




Merari’s generosity seemed unlimited. He knew he was abundantly blessed and readily acknowledged all that he had was a gift from God. Merari took very seriously God’s commandments and made sure that his household did the same. One law outlined the responsibilities of hosts and guests. Merari embraced the role of host at every opportunity and that allowed Salome to do the same. 




One day when Merari saw a servant leading weary travelers, he instructed Salome to prepare to welcome two guests to his table. The main meal of the day was eaten at sunset and the guests had arrived just in time. Salome had only baked enough bread for those that were expected. She couldn’t imagine how what she had prepared was going to be sufficient. 




Saying a prayer, Salome served bread from her basket. As she served, she was a little amazed that bread in her basket did not seem to be dwindling. Each time a piece of bread was provided, there seemed to be just as many slices as before. Time and again Salome circled the table and provided slice after slice yet her supply did not run out. Each diner had their fill, yet still bread remained. In fact when she removed the cloth that was wrapped around the bread, it looked as though only a single slice had been eaten. 




The next day, Salome truly saw the two guests as they were departing. Something was different about this husband and his young wife who were awaiting the birth of a baby; but Salome could not say exactly what that might be. 




The next morning, more travelers appeared on the horizon. As they drew closer, it became clear that they were Merari’s sons and servants shepherding his large flock. They had been away seeking pasture and no one could imagine what had brought them home unexpectedly. When they arrived, they spoke of angels and of the Savior born in Bethlehem. Merari’s sons expected their father to question their story. It was so extraordinary they could hardly believe it themselves; but that did not happen. Merari knew instantly their story was true and that he himself had entertained this Holy Family. Together Merari, his sons, and his servants all went to Bethlehem. They brought food for their journey and again Salome found herself serving bread from a basket that could not be emptied. It was a miracle at a time filled with miracles. When they reached the stable, it was filled with villagers presenting their gifts. When it was Salome’s turn, she presented the Christ Child with what appeared to be a humble basket of bread. Only Salome knew that it was much more and would ensure that this child and his family would never go hungry.


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Salome, Woman Servant for 5" Fontanini®

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