Sela, Angel With Wheelbarrow - 5" Fontanini®
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Sela was among heaven’s littlest angels. She had newly earned her wings and had not yet been assigned any duties. As time went on, Sela started to sense a great deal of excitement in heaven. She still had no assignment; but she was hopeful that with all that was about happen that there might be a role for her to play. She knew something important was about to happen but she didn’t know what could possibly have all of heaven in a glorious uproar. One night, Sela was called by name and sent to the stable behind Bethlehem’s inn. Sela followed the instructions but before she reached the stable; the night’s silence was broken with the sounds of angels. This was a sound Sela knew and loved; but what surprised her was that the young shepherd Peter and his sheep; and in fact all of the Holy Land’s shepherds and sheep were also able to hear the heavenly song and see the angels in their glory.


At the sight of the angels, Sela forgot for a moment her long awaited assignment; but it quickly came back to mind. She raced to the stable and just as the angels had predicted there she found the Christ Child. Sela couldn’t imagine what her role might be or how she might fit into it all that was happening. 


When the angels had left them, Peter led his three sheep went to Bethlehem while Adina, their guardian angel, watched over them. Sela admired Adina. She was not much older than Sela yet she had an important assignment. When Peter, Adina and his sheep reached the stable, it was crowded with people presenting gifts to the Newborn King. As Peter approached the manger, he realized he had nothing to give and was filled with shame. He was about to walk away, when Adina whispered to him and Peter smiled. He approached the manger and placed Taleh, Peter’s beloved and most favored lamb, at the feet of the Baby Jesus. The Baby looked at Adina and Peter and smiled with gratitude. Adina knew precious Taleh was with The Good Shepherd and that all would be well. 


Sela watched the scene unfold and heard a voice tell her to go with them. Sela was perplexed. Peter was one young boy now with only two sheep in his flock. Adina had proven that she was capable of looking after them. Now he had two angels; and one of them had no idea what she was supposed to do. Adina was kind and welcoming; and Sela prayed for her new charges. Soon it became clear why Sela had been set to them. That very next spring and every spring thereafter; Peter’s flock grew with the arrival of new little lambs. Sela was devoted to the lambs and they to her. She had found her gift in an ability to care for them. Peter’s flock grew strong and large. Before long the sheep in his care stretched across pastures as far as the eye could see; but never far from Adina and Sela.


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Sela, Angel With Wheelbarrow - 5" Fontanini®

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